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Warren Edwardes, CEO, Delphi Risk Management Limited

Photograph of Warren Edwardes Warren Edwardes is CEO of Delphi Risk Management Ltd., the London-based Banking and Finance Management Consultant firm specialising in financial instrument innovation and risk management consulting, expert-witness and training founding. Prior to Delphi he was on the board of the British merchant bank, Charterhouse Bank as Director, Financial Engineering. He has also worked for the Equitable Life Assurance Society, the UK Government Actuary's Department and the treasuries of British Gas, Barclays Bank and Midland Bank as a strategist, dealer, asset/liability risk manager and product developer.

He has worked in pre-derivatives and derivatives since 1978 including futures, options swaps and margin trading CFDs in financial, energy and equity instruments and structured one of the world’s first swaps in 1980. Financial Times Prentice Hall published Edwardes' best-selling book "Key financial instruments: understanding and innovating in the world of derivatives". Highlights include Appendix I on Islamic Banking as a case study on financial innovation. Chapter 6: Derivatives for the Retail Client and Chapter 13: Dangers and Disasters; Profits and Principles.

Edwardes has applied his innovation skill to Islamic Banking since 1985 and is Board Governor of The Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI) and of the Editorial Board member of Global Islamic Finance Magazine. He has published, been quoted widely and is a frequent conference speaker, moderator and chairman on Islamic Banking & Finance.

Edwardes’ well received speeches include: “How to capture the big new IDEA”, “Overcoming Hindervation: Removing the corporate road blocks that Hinder Innovation” “Demystifying Islamic Banking and Finance”, “Demystifying Derivatives”, “50 Ways to Lose Your Money - A Practitioner's Risk Check-List”, “Less Technophilia – Have Faith in Fools”, “Liquidity Management in Islamic Banking”.

Summary (100 words)

Warren Edwardes runs Delphi Risk Management, the financial innovation and risk consulting, expert-witness and training firm. Prior to Delphi he was on the board of Charterhouse Bank as Director, Financial Engineering and has worked for the Equitable Life, UK Government Actuary and the treasuries of British Gas, Barclays and Midland Banks as a dealer, ALM manager and product developer.
His "Key Financial Instruments" (FT Prentice Hall) includes an Appendix on Islamic Banking and a Chapter in Derivatives for The Retail Client illustrating the benefits and pitfalls of Contracts for Differences (CFDs) and other derivatives sold by financial institutions to Retail Clients.
Edwardes is Governor of the IIBI and has published widely and is a frequent speaker, moderator and chairman on Islamic finance.