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Subject: "Simple ID card would make for simpler life"

22 Oct 1994, The Financial Times, London financial times link

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Sir, To my chagrin, my Spanish wife can enter and leave the UK with no more than a credit card sized ID card. Furthermore, in many countries ID cards are essential for day-to-day business purposes such as entering clients’ offices. Passports are have to be carried in lieu of ID cards.

To avoid the hassle of carrying a passport whilst abroad I have made myself an ID card! Whilst consulting in South Africa last year I stuck a photograph on my UK driving licence and my client over-stamped it with his company's stamp and signed it.

I’ve had no problems with my "official" papers within and without the EU though I have not yet tried it at a frontier.

May I suggest a cheap and speedy low-tech ID card - the back cover of the EU/UK passport. The blank reverse could contain the holder’s signature, driving licence and National Insurance details.

Copyright Warren Edwardes, Delphi Creativity 1994

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Post Script

5 years later in 30 June 1999

ID cards 'to replace' crisis-hit passports

A VOLUNTARY national identity card system is again being considered by ministers as Jack Straw admitted yesterday that travellers faced a summer of chaos over the backlog of unprocessed passport applications. .........

Delphi's idea could soon become law.

January 13 2000

Compact passport 'is ID card by stealth'

A PHOTOCARD passport that could form the basis of a national identity document is being developed and could be introduced within three years. ...

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