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Liverpool and Everton should share a ground but not a stadium

Ground share Yes - Stadium share - No

Simplify the UK tax system

Merge National Insurance, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax

Fat Cats on The Board?

Get rid of the proxy voting

The best place to capture the big IDEA

In the shower?

Annual Percentage Rate calculations have been said to be complex

"APRs? no problem"

Spanish practices

an online discussion with Jim Thornton of iconservatives.

"Nigerian" Scams

For those feeling left out - here's an example. Be warned.

Corporate pension schemes should be valued and quoted daily

pensions should be unitised and listed

Peace through Prosperity in Kashmir - Cross Thinking (tm) required

"Cashmere", whatever the spelling, must be made in Kashmir

It would seem that a tsunami of derivatives linked scandals has washed over the financial markets.

dangers and disasters; profits and principles

A simple change for peace in Palestine

Chairman Arafat should stop wearing military dress

 There is always a flight to quality or perceived quality in times of uncertainty.

"Islamic Banking after September 11"

all policy holders should be given guaranteed annuity rates

"An Equitable Solution"

The Office of Fair Trading's recommendations do not reflect fair practice

"Mortgage repayment penalties"

The BBC should be split into commercial broadcasting and a quality publicly-funded producer.

"if I were director general of the BBC ..."

Synchronised swimming - Upside-down thinking(tm) required

"Just turn the problem on its head."

In consulting small is better

Physician, heal thyself

Hindervation (tm) identifies ways companies create artificial innovation road blocks

clearing innovation road-blockages

Treasury of Financial Market Quotes and Sayings: A Guide for Speakers, Writers, Advertisers and Practitioners


some puzzles illustrating creativity in finance


Use the Escudo for the Euro