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Knowledge Management: Innovators' team-working software,  The Delphi Thought Pad ™, based on a Lotus Notes platform was developed in 1993 for a client, The Standard Bank of South Africa.


Thinking Creatively: The Delphi IDEA Kit. Motivational seminar: "How to capture the big new IDEA" 

Upside-down thinking: You've tried lateral thinking. You've tried standing on your head. Now turn the problem upside down.IDEA

Hindervation: Identify organisational blockages; "50 Ways to Hinder Innovation" . This helps firms eliminate creativity crashers.

Cross Thinking: Creative ideas can be sourced from completely different problems. Think cross-markets. Examples are Peace through Prosperity and Virtually no travelling. Creativity through Cross Thinking;

Innovation Implementation: aiding organisations to improve its innovation process. Taking a product from concept to construction to closing to control to crisis management.

Wine for Spice ™: created Wine for Spice to select and commission wine to complement Indian. Thai and Malaysian spicy food.


Product Design & Development: Innovative retail Mortgage & Savings products using derivatives. Designing and assisting with the implementation of investment and hedging products in a changing regulatory and tax environment.

Islamic Banking: Creation of Islamic banking financing, investment and risk management products for Islamic and non-Islamic conventional banks. Frequently invited to chair and speak at Islamic Finance Conferences.

Reverse Financial Engineering: Analysis of bankers’ or competitors’ structured and derivative products.

Arbitrage: Identification and pricing of timely opportunities.